A Picture of Peace

Have you been to Slovenia? It is quite understandable if you have not. This little country located in Europe is at the center of the crossroads of European culture and trade routes. It does not receive many visitors, making it the perfect place to get away from the crowds.

Slovenia is home to a large place considered the picture of peace. Lake Bohinj is the largest lake in the country. It offers an enchanting and mystical feel heavily aided by the steep mountain faces that rise out of the lake on the northern side. 

 These peaks dominate all the way to the set and south, offering an alpine beauty that remains unbeaten. The lake has become a popular tourist destination and will soon be crowded thanks to its pristine surroundings coupled with the peace and quiet. 

Ribčev Laz

Tourists often start their vacation in a town known as Ribčev Laz. It is the main town on the lake and the first view you will get of the lake. It is home to larger-scale hotels such as the Hotel Bohinj, Hotel Center, and Hotel Jezero. 

If you want something a little homey, you can also check out smaller and more charming accommodation such as Hotel Gasperin and Penzion Rozic. Once you have settled in, go across the road to visit the monument commemorating the first ascent of Mount Triglav by four courageous men.

The bridge offers a magnificent view of Lake Bohinj, and you can get a few lovely pictures before moving to your next destination. Across the bridge is your next stop where you will find the iconic St John the Baptist church in its architectural glory.

After the exploration, take a peaceful stroll on the lake’s side to take a picture with the mighty fabled Zlatorog or Golden Horn statue. From here, you can hire a canoe or kayak to explore the waters, after which you can dock near an outdoor restaurant. The town has many ways to keep you busy. 

Savica Waterfall

A visit to Bohinj is not complete without visiting the Savica Falls. It is the inspiration place for France Prešeren’s poem, Krst pri Savici. Whether you choose to go by car or on foot, you can approach the waterfall then hike up twenty minutes on the 500-step trail.

It can be a little tedious, so be sure to pace yourself and take a break if you need one. However, the hike is worth the view as this trail introduces you to woods and streams. Finally, you will arrive at a small viewing platform where you will view the waterfall in all its majesty. 

 Mount Vogel

Mount Vogel stands at 1800m, making it home to Slovenia’s premier ski resorts in winter. It is a great place to get a different perspective of the lake, and it offers cold weather for tranquility. There are 26 kilometers of groomed runs for tourists who enjoy the thrill of skiing.

During the other seasons, this place transforms into an adventure-filled summit with exciting activities such as 

 zip-lining. When you think about it, there is not a wrong time to visit this enchanting place.